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(856) 455-5985

Our approach to providing Commercial Credit services to your bank centers on a common understanding that MERIT shares in your bank’s future. Whether we are providing reviews of your Commercial Loan Portfolio, Policy and Procedures, Allowance for Loan Loss Reserve or Commercial Appraisal Reviews, our goal is to align ourselves with the long term success and profitability for the Bank we both share.

MERIT was formed in 2004 as a partnership between Brian Hall and Mike Feldenzer to address the need for a Quality Oriented product among providers of Loan Review Services in the marketplace. Over the years, MERIT has grown, now servicing banks with assets from under 100 million to over 30 billion in assets, while continuing to provide the close personal communication our clients have come to expect.

Our model is centered on providing sufficient resources to allow a thorough analysis of the portfolio, resulting in truly useful insights. At MERIT, our process starts with experienced people and an understanding that your bank and credit culture are unique. Taking the time to discuss issues in the field and produce thoughtful reviews is not just the basis of a quality report, but a quality relationship.